„MRJAH – Kings of Trap“ – LocalSuicide.com, Nov 2013

Marc and Julien aka MRJAH are an up-and-coming DJ and producer duo from Berlin and pioneers in German trap music. They started DJing in summer 2012 and quickly got known for their energetic live performances where they play a mix of newschool hip-hop, trap music and suchlike, as well as exclusive own productions and remixes. Their passion lies in US hip-hop and international trap music, but because of their roots they also love French and German hip-hop, which gives their DJ sets a unique flavor.
Even though they swim against the tide of the techno dominated Berlin club scene they rapidly got popular and get booked regularly for numerous events in Berlins hottest clubs and all over Germany. MRJAH have performed at several festivals like the Splash!Festival, Feel festival and the First we take Berlin festival, a newcomer festival in the context of the Berlin music week. The duo shared the stage with several international acts such as Yellow Claw, Ekali, DJ Shiftee, Tropkillaz, Benga, BoeBoe – just to name a few.

„Berlin Trap Masters. HipHop Producer. MRJAH in the House!“ – Proud Magazine, Dec 2013

In April 2013 the Duo produced the famous Splash!Mag Cypher n°5 with Megaloh, Chefket, Amewu, Damion Davis and Greeny Tortellini which put their name on the map from the producer perspective. They continued working on some remixes and had appearances on Rap am Mittwoch as exclusive producers.

After having met several rappers, Marc and Julien decided to collaborate with Marvin Game, whos rap style and skills fit their beats perfectly. The joint project led to the MJMG EP which they released in May 2014 on iTunes. Among the media coverage were 16bars.de, BerlinMusic.tv and an interview with Backspin.

“Wie guter Trap auf Deutsch klingen kann, beweisen MarvinGame und MRJAH mit ihrer neuen EP ‚MJMG‘.” – BerlinMusicTV, Mai 2014

Having created a buzz around their music, the name MRJAH is on all the biggest German hip-hop platforms like 16bars.de, Juice.de, Splash!Mag, Backspin or Rap.de. The CD which came with the Nov/Dez edition of the Juice magazine featured a remix produced by MRJAH, originally from Highlife.
Not only hip-hop press has shown interest in the duo: the Berlin based blog Local Suicide – which is focused on electronic music – was the first to interview MRJAH. Marc and Julien were guests at Unsigned, a radio show on Fritz.

“MRJAH are two of Germany’s trap pioneers, who won high praise for their latest releases.“ – crispycrustrecs, Dec 2015

In 2015 MRJAH developed their electronic side of music production. They produced a heavy trap remix of the song „Vrai“ by the French 40000 Gang and Booba, which got support from the originals artists. MRJAH continued producing originals for german rappers but they also produced remixes of several german rap songs and released some of them on a compilation EP called Resurrection 2.
At the end of the year they released their first solo, all instrumental EP called Z on Crispy Crust Records. A music video for The Tournament – the last song on the Z EP – was released on FutureDanceMusic.com.